Thursday, April 7, 2011

The (little) Man of the House

My husband and I do our best to keep things that are "grown up worries" from our children's ears but sometimes it's unavoidable.  With all the panic and chaos that is unfolding as a government shutdown looms you are hard pressed not to hear about it somewhere.

Tonight my 9 year old asked what the big deal was this "with this budget thing" he'd heared about.  I explained to him in a way he could understand what the affects would mean on not only us, as a military family, but on everyone and everything involved.  Afterall, there are 800,000 federal employees who could potentially be affected by this and some may not get that income retro paid like our military will. 

He asked if I would still get my paycheck and I told him yes and not to worry, we would be ok.  He then asked, through a closed bedroom door as he was laying down to go to bed,  if he could get a job so that he could get paid, too.  He then said that he has saved up allowance he could give back to me and that I should not give him and his sister allowance until Daddy gets paid again.  He understands that while, I too have a job, Daddy's money takes care of everything.

At that moment, my heart broke.  This is not something that he should ever have to think about as a child.  But my heart was also bursting with pride as I fought back tears.  His desire and the duty he felt to help take care of our family (especially since he is "the man of the house") is tremendous.

My son makes me amazingly proud and I am thankful that the future has someone like him in it.